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Fri, Jul. 23rd, 2004, 08:22 pm
collect my heartfelt poetry and burn them on your yard

just been writing a song which is about some shit....and i've been trying to figure out why i play crack the sky so crap...and i've also been figuring out why i'm so fucked? Splendour In The Grass tomorrow and 5 days till Dashboard...i really don't give if i can't go or not...otherwise, i've got over it that i can't go...
PHRASE OF THE DAY: leave me as a simple chalk outline on the cold concrete floor
i included that in my song as well...i kinda got the idea from sudden death in carolina on the my favourite weapon album by brand new...so anyway, rock on ppl \m/ trish...

p.s brand new rock my sox!!!

Fri, Jul. 30th, 2004 11:10 am (UTC)

"leave me as a simple chalk outline on the cold concrete floor"

it sounds better as "make it as simple.."

Fri, Jul. 30th, 2004 11:12 am (UTC)

no, wait...

"leave me empty like a chalk outline on a cold concrete floor"


"i'm left empty, just a chalk outline lying on my concrete bed"

Sat, Jul. 31st, 2004 06:22 pm (UTC)
stoned_eggs: wooo...

u r quite a songwriter...out of all "randomness" why did i say that?